Queer eye for the........Middle school kid????

Fistgate:  The scandal surrounding Obama's pick for "Safe School Czar", Kevin Jennings, just keep getting worse.  For those of you that don't know, Fistgate is in regards to Kevin Jennings and his GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network) organization recently providing school age kits to assist in the sexual act of "fisting".  Well, if that wasn't bad enough, the scandal now runs deeper.

In a story released by Gateway Pundit, GLSEN is now being charged with providing sexual literature to children ages 14-21 during a GLSEN 2005 conference by the name of "Little Black Book - Queer in the 21st Century". 

Those who know me, know that my libertarian ways lead me to a belief that the government should not legislate/interfere with the actions of consenting adults.  What a person does in their bedroom is their action to deal with and be responsible for, and as long as that activity is between consenting adults and causes no harm, it's no one else's business.  However, this literature goes beyond and is now pushing these ideals on to children.

Excerpt from book (full reading on the link)

No Dookie On Your Noodle! Nobody knows better than queer men that shit happens. It’s just a fact of life…and butt sex. While there are steps to take to avoid a mess, they’re not always practical for the boy on the go. Condoms allow you a certain freedom that can be a great selling point if you’re cruising the park and don’t want stray spunk on your new polyester shirt...

In no way do I see how this could be practical for teaching to children of a middle school age.  Children of this age are impressionable and often susceptible to invocation.  You take a child who is already often lost and trying to find themselves, then add in an adult who is teaching such a sensational, taboo subject matter, you are likely to push children to a choice that they are not mentally prepared to make.  The curiosity of children of this age, along with the information being passed to them, will lead them to experiment, just to see what the fuss is about.  How can that be considered proper?

It seems that Leftists are working to bring the decision (and the fight) to the children of our country.  We consistently see the lowering of the age in which we start talking about controversial subjects.  First it was 18 years of age, then 16, now we are down to 14 years and younger!  We must understand that children are still learning the world and maturing mentally and are simply not prepared to deal with subjects of this magnitude.  Do I think that children of a certain age should be made aware of the impacts of sexual promiscuity, of course, to a point.  However, let's be honest, the promotion of an alternative lifestyle and "cruising the park for partners" is not sexual education, its the promotion of sexual risk.  It's the perverse pushing of social agendas on those ill equipped to deal with the repercussions of their choice.  However, from a leftist stand point, it's a viable tactic.  Indoctrinate the minds while they are young and impressionable to further the cause in the future.  After all, who really hears the subject matter when it's a small child making the speech.

Kevin Jennings is a vile human being who has no right being around children, much less having the charge of protecting their safety.  This man should be removed this position, and any position involved with the care of children, immediately.  It's one thing to educate about sexual topics, it's another thing to push ideals and agendas thru the children of America.  I know many adults that wouldn't be comfortable discussing things of this nature, however, we allow this group (GLSEN) and other to push it on the children.  It's time to take a stand and demand that this guy be removed from office.  These topics are the responsibility of the parent, not a stranger, to discuss with their children.   If these topics are to be introduced and discussed, they must be made with an age appropriate audience.

Again, this is not a commentary on homosexuality.  I would have the same reaction if the topic was made to "straight" children of this age and pushed the idea of "cruising for partners" and promotion of promiscuity.  If this is a lifestyle that you choose, when you are mentally prepared to make such choices, more power to you.  It's not for me to agree or disagree, but as long as it doesn't not infringe upon my rights or freedoms, then I do not care what you choose to do within your bedroom.  The topics that GLSEN brings to America's youth are not educational, not commentaries on tolerance, but simple pushing of practices and lifestyles that have no business being pushed on impressionable minds.  This guy, and his organization, make me sick.


Anonymous said...

Could not agree more. It's heartbreaking that this sort of content could be pressed upon our children. We are taking away their innocence. It is even more disgusting that the leftist in the media are ingoring this child abuse. You can guarantee that if you replaced "fisting" with some sort of Christian topics there would be outrage in the media and an immediate call from the left to have him removed.

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