On the eve of disaster, another health care primer. Pointing out the lies

As many know, Congress is preparing for a vote on the new healthcare act during this Christmas season, specifically tomorrow Dec 24, between 8:00AM and 12:00PM.  In an effort to persuade citizens to contact their representatives for "No" vote, I would like to point a few more myths on the current health care proposal.

Medicare denies fewer claims than private insurance

This is a fallacy often used by the left to promote a government run health care plan.  I'm sure you've all seen the ads, or stories, often projecting the woes of children, showing how the evil private insurance companies have denied health care claims.  Despite the despicable practice of using children in these ads, we find out that this is just wholly untrue.

According to the American Medical Association (AMA) 2008 National Health Insurer Report Card, Medicare denied 6.85% of all claims, higher than any private insurance company, with only AETNA coming close.  In addition, even the White House admits that ~12% of all claims are fraudulent (~$60B), where as, Fortune 500 shows that the total profit made by the top 10 private insurance companies was $8B combined!!  Read that again, Medicare losses almost 7 times as much in fraud as the top 10 insurance companies make in profit!  Begs the question, how can government run health care be more efficient?

Private insurance companies are only concerned with profit

This statement is a play on capitalist mentality.  Of course private insurance companies are concerned with profit, any company in America is else they would cease to exist.  However, is running a private insurance company really as profitable as the leftists would lead you to believe?

In a profitability report ranking the top 10 insurance companies ending Dec. 31st, 2008 shows that private insurance companies are operating on razor thin profit margins.

Blue Cross, 3.4 percent, United Health Group, 3.6 percent, Well Point, 4.1 percent, Aetna, 4.5 percent, Humana, 2.2 percent, Cigna,(loss), Health Net, 0.62 percent, Coventry Health Care, 3.2 percent, Americagroup,(loss)
Universal American, 2.0 percent, Centene, 2.5 percent

Compared to the 14%+ profit margins of other industries, such as oil, you see, Private Health Insurance (PHI) isn't the most profitable of businesses.

Medicare has lower administrative costs the PHI companies, thus making it cheaper to operate

Several "accounting" tricks help the leftist to promote this myth.  First of all, Medicare services a predominately elderly population, which translates to a significantly higher expenditures when compared to PHI companies.  So in this regard, when administrative costs are compare to "total costs", then the above is true.  However, when you take the administrative costs compared to a "per-patient" basis, you find a radically different number.  According to research by the Heritage Foundation, administrative costs per patient are 24.8% (on average)   higher with Medicare when compared to PHI.

In addition, Medicare, by virtue of being a government lenity, is not subject to many of the same administrative costs as PHI.  Administrative costs that are subject to inclusion by PHI, such as rent, marketing management, taxes, capital for equipment, etc, are included elsewhere in the federal budget and do not ride on Medicare's books.   A prime example of this is the act of premium collection.  PHI companies are responsible for their own costs of premium collection, however, Medicare doesn't count that cost on their books due to the fact that this is an action performed by the IRS.

Current health care plan will be deficit neutral

Again, this is a lie that is buried with accounting tricks.  In the current healthcare plan, if enacted, we , the taxpayer, will begin to be taxed on the new plan, but won't begin to see the benefits for 4 years.  In effect, we will begin paying for the health plan now, but our benefits won't start until 2014.  Well, of course it's deficit neutral when taxes are levied to pay for it before any expense is paid out!!!  That's akin to going to a Cadillac dealership, buying a car, making the payments on that car for 4 years, then receiving that car at the end of your payments and claiming you got the car for free!  Only in this case, we paid for a Cadillac, but got a Yugo at the end.

Lastly, the amount of tax increases and pre-tax limitation, used to fund this bill, while "making the bill budget neutral" would greatly increase the hardship on American families  earning less than $250,000 /yr.  Some of the facts according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the non-partisan scorekeeper of financial legislation. 

Employer offered pre-tax  Flexible Spending accounts (FSA) will be limited $2,500/yr vs $5,000 currently.

Elimination of payments for over the counter medicine reimbursements by workers covered under FSA or HSA (health savings accounts) which is currently allowed under the tax law

Limitation of the tax deduction allowed for medical expenses.  Down from the current 10% of AGI (adjusted gross income) to 7.5% under the new bill, increasing taxes on those between $50,000 - $75,000 annually.

New excise tax on so called "high cost health insurance plans", which according to the CBO and JCT (joint committee on Taxation), would affect 90% of consumers earning less than $200,000/yr.

Overall, the CBO and JCT predict that will increase taxes on all single people making over $40,000/yr and married couples earning over $75,000/yr.

An excise tax imposed on health insurance providers and medical device makers in 2010, would be passed on to consumers, resulting in higher premiums and cost for health care products, affecting for all Americans, with the hardest hit being those earning less than $250,000/yr.

Individual insurance premiums are expected to increase by an average, an average, of 10% or more when compared to current law.  So much for "free" or "lost cost" health care huh?


I could continue to go on about some of the falsities, or just flat out lies, being spread about the current health care plan, but I must balance the length of my posts with the amount of information I submit.  I can't make the posts so long that I lose peoples interest in reading.  However, the above gives us more than enough to know what has been said all along, this plan is a bad idea!  It will cost future generations trillions, will lower the quality and availability of health care, and gives the government more concentrated power than as ever been allowed in our history.  I urge you all to write/fax/call your congressman and demand a "No" vote to this monstrosity.  If ever there was a time to become involved, now is that time!


List of Senators that accepted "pay for vote" deals from Harry Reid

Politics is gone.  Will of the people is gone.  The only thing that matters: how much does it cost to sell out your conscience, the people that elected you, and your ideals.

According to the latest Rasmussen Polls, this health care bill is not something that people want.  55% of American's have stated that they do not want this Health Care reform (45% strongly opposed), with only people under 30 favoring the reform.  With the group most likely to use the new bills provisions, senior citizens, 60% are opposed to the bill.  53%  of Americans believe that the passage of this legislation will lower health care quality, while 58% say it will drive costs up.  Lastly, 57% of voters say that passing nothing would be preferable to passing nothing at all.

So, with all of these numbers showing an overwhelming opposition to this health care reform, why are we faced with it's possible passage during this Christmas season?  It's possible because we have a number of senators who, in lack of a better terms, have become political whores who offer their votes to the highest bidder.  Below, find some of the names of those Senators so willing to sell out their people.  Learn these names, they must learn that the American voter will no longer accept whores in our congress.

Harry Reid  (D - Nevada) - Ensured his state was exempted from Medicaid increases even before the bill was submitted

Ben Nelson (D - Nebraska) - Cornhusker compromise:  Nebraska is now permanently exempt from the state share of Medicaid expansion that the bill will cause.  A negotiation that both the Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman and the other Senator, Chuck Hagel have denounced.

Mary Landrieu (D- Louisiana) - Louisiana Compromise:  Was bought for a $300M increase in federal Medicaid funding

Bernie Sanders (D - Vermont) - $10B in pork barrel spending for the creation of state wide healthcare centers, as well as, additional Medicaid funding.

Carl Levin (D - Michigan) - Exemption from hefty excise taxes for non-profit insurers within his state.  A tax that like insurers in 48 other states will be required to pay.  A concession also received by Senator Nelson.

Chris Dodd (D - Connecticut) - $100M in pork barrel spending for the construction of a Univ. of Conn. hospital.

Evan Bayh (D - Indiana) - Agreement to  slash medical device taxes for Indiana.

John Kerry (D - Massachusetts) - Along with Vermont, received the most help in Medicaid funding at $1.2B.  While already covered, the deal was cut to substitute state funding for federal

Max Baucus (D - Montana) - Secured expanded Medicare coverage for victims of asbestos exposure at a Libby, Montana mine.

Kent Conrad (D - North Dakota) - Defended a special deal in which the following Western states receive higher federal reimbursement rates for doctors and hospitals servicing Medicare patients.

Democrat Senators of Florida, New York, & Pennsylvania - Medicare Advantage benefits for seniors in these states are protected, while the program will see massive cuts every where else.

Harry Reid showed his character by stating:

“You’ll find a number of states that are treated differently than other states. That’s what legislating is all about. It's compromise,

However, compromise that forces undue financial burden on a majority of  states, while showing favoritism to others, is not compromise at all.  It's not compromise to force a bill down the throats of an opposing American people who have clearly stated that they do not want it's passage, it's called tyranny.  You are a pimp Senator Reid.  The only compromise here is that you used money to "compromise" the will of the American people. 

So much like immoral dealings on the shady streets of a city's underbelly, these Senators have offered up their votes to the highest bidder.  Foregoing the morality of the issue in exchange for money to come their way, the above senators betrayed the trust and well being of those that elected them.  Who would have known that, while prostitution is illegal in American cities, that illegality does not extend to our nation's capital.  Never mind the fact that, while good for their respective states, they have forced all of America to pay for these concessions thru the tax dollars of the working man, including the people within their state's borders.  So yes Senators, you may have a achieved a cost savings for your state, but your constituents will have their tax rates increased to help fund the concessions of others.  Yes, Obama has brought "change" to America, but little saw that this is "change" straight from the pockets of the American taxpayer.

A Libertarian's view on the Republican party

I was asked an interesting question the other day that I felt deserved an answer in this forum.  It's a question that I think many people may be wondering, and that others, without good logical reasoning and explanation, may not understand.  A question that is critically crucial to politics today.

"You call yourself a Libertarian, but you adamantly defend the Republican party.  If you are a Libertarian, why don't you support the idea of a 3rd party or support candidates such as Ron Paul, which would more likely promote your political ideals?"

This is an excellent question!  I love Ron Paul.  I think his ideas are ground breaking and would lead this country in the right direction, however, when the time came, I did not vote for him.  Why?  The answer lies in the American mentality of politics today. 

America was built on a two party system, first with the Federalists/Anti-Federalists which then evolved into the current Republican/Democrat parties of today.  I realize that this system has become a tradition within America. It's the only system that the American voter has ever known and to change something that ingrained in the American voter's psyche would not be easy, nor come quick.  Americans as a whole, are not very tolerant of radical change.  You need only to look at the uproar and backlash to Obama's socialist agenda to see this.  To attempt a three party system would be seen as a radical change and as history has shown, would not be allowed by the voters in our political system.

In addition, one must see the makeup of most third party systems.  Most 3rd parties are just a few degrees off of what the current Republican core values should be.  As the voter watched the Republicans derail and consistently depart from their conservative values and core beliefs, the 3rd party has stepped in to try and correct that course.  The more left that the Republican party veers, the more 3rd parties attempt to fill the void.  However, due to loyalty to the Republican system and the belief that they are supposed to support the same ideals, the end result is that 3rd parties usually only succeed to "split the vote".   Make no mistake, 3rd parties usually have a strong following, but it will not, at any time soon, be able to change the hearts and minds of those people who have identified themselves as Republican, either because of "family tradition" or a hope that the party will come back full circle and represent based on the values they are supposed to support.

Using the above point splitting the vote, you can look back at the 1992 election of Bill Clinton.  During this time, we saw  Ross Perot run as an independent 3rd party candidate to appeal to voters displeased with Federal financial budget deficits and fears of professional politicians.  Many people were moved by Ross Perot's (often mocked) presentations on how to balance the budget and the promise to change the way we practiced politics in Washington.  However, history has shown, Ross Perot won Bill Clinton the 1992  presidency.  The election results were as follows:  Bill Clinton, 43% - George H. Bush, 37% - Ross Perot, 19%.  With many of Ross's votes being siphoned from the Republican party, had Ross Perot not been in that election, predictions show that Bush would have received approximately 2/3's (12.6%)  or more of Perot's votes, meaning that Bush would have won 49.6% to 46%, after distribution of his votes among all candidates.  The same could be said for the 1996 election, however, in a much more narrow result.

So, I recognize that a vote for a third party is, in effect, a vote for the Democratic party.  We must remember, as the Republican party moves more to the left, so does the Democrat party.  With each election, our political parties make a leftist slide.  Democrats seek to turn America into a more socialist, global government party while the Republicans follow suit in efforts for "bi-partisan compromise".  This leads us to the administration that we have in power today.  So, it must be understood, 3rd parties today have little effect but to "split the vote" on the Republican side, allowing for more Democrat victories.

Therefore, I have chosen to throw my support behind the Republican party in an effort to reform the party from within.  After all, it would be easier to mold an existing, popular party, then to promote an new, unknown party to power.   To bring politics back to conservative values, we must first stop the erosion of the only viable conservative party that exists.   Until we are able to stop the liberal, socialist left, there will be no chance for change.  It is my belief, that the American people have finally awoken to the possibilities of the Democrat's socialist agenda, and with current polls, I'm being proven right that America is finding something that they do not want.  Hopefully, this may be the catalyst needed to bring back conservative representation.  Once achieved, it is then a goal to seek reform and change from within the Republican party.  As our conservative representatives see that Conservatism, financial responsibility, strong national defense, etc is what the people want, it will become easier to seek and achieve change from within the party.  

So while the Ron Paul's of the world align with my thoughts and values, I understand that a vote for them is a vote for liberalism due to the siphoning effect they have on votes from the leading opposition party.  While I would love to see Ron Paul as president, it's my belief that the best way to achieve that, is to cultivate his level of conservatism within Republican party.  Politics are fluid.  They change and bend to the will of the people, if and only if, the people exert the pressure required for change.   Right now, our politicians have no reason to fear us, but should we succeed in Senate/House turnovers during the next election cycle, we would give them such reason.  We would be able to use that fear to ensure that our politicians return to listening to their people.   So rather than seeking an outside 3rd party to represent me, I chose to force the existing party to stop the compromising that led them astray, and represent my beliefs thru activism and outspoken appeal.   That, my friends, is why a Libertarian votes Republican.

Ben Nelson sells his soul for ObamaCare

I can't say I'm surprised, but Ben Nelson (D - Nebraska) sold his soul to ObamaCare.  An article by Associated Content details the unhappiness that Sen. Nelson's constituents in Nebraska are feeling for their senior senator due to his betrayal.  Within the article, Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee compares Nelson to Judas by stating:

The last time a deal like the one Nelson negotiated with Democratic leaders was when '30 pieces of silver exchanged hands.

Like I said, I'm not surprised by this action.  In essence, Nelson sold out his ideals for a deal in which he negotiated the Federal Government picking up Nebraska's share of Medicaid forever.  This deal amounts to roughly $45M in the first decade adds even more spending on the federal dollar.

With this deal, the Democrats now have their magic 60 votes that could allow them to ram the bill thru legislation with no opportunity for Republicans (or the American people) to stop this monstrosity.  However, as even with a deal that will save his state millions, Sen. Nelson is finding out that his constituents aren't happy about his back room dealings.

Senator Nelson is lucky in that he isn't up for re-election in 2010, but I have a hunch that Nebraska will not forget this travesty soon.  Visit the site dedicated to removing Ben Nelson from office at GiveBentheBoot and get involved.  It must be remembered that Ben not only betrayed Nebraska, but all of America.  He was the crucial 60th vote, and without his support, this bill would have died as it should have.

So thank you Ben.  Like 59 other Senators before you, you have failed to listen to the people, failed to do the right thing, and for 30 pieces of silver, have sold this country out for evil.  How much will your Medicaid subsidies be worth when this bill drives our country to bankruptcy?  What deal have you struck when your people are suffering under the weight of higher taxes imposed by this bill and when the Chinese call in the loans that our government has taken to pay for this evil?  Judas's life was forever changed by the guilt he felt for the "deal" that he cut, and I can't help but wonder, do you even have enough of a conscience left to suffer the same? 


May Chase Bank rot in the deepest depths of Hell reserved for the most vile of corporations

Okay, so this is story has a lot of personal discontent to it, but it's also somewhat politically based.

To start, my story.  Approximately 11 years ago, I declared bankruptcy for reasons outside of my control.  In doing so, I knew that I would have to accept a lot of hardship along the way, but it was a last ditch attempt to dig my way out of bad circumstances.  So declare bankruptcy, I did.  While I don't recommend it to anyone, it was one of the best decisions I ever made.  Now, that doesn't mean it was easy.  I spent many years paying 23.9% interest on an automobile loan, had issues with getting any credit, but I was prepared for that.  During that time, Providian Bank took a chance on me and granted me a credit card with a $500 limit.  Over the next 7 years, through hard work and sacrifice, I was able to increase that credit limit substantially, while lowering the interest rate down to 16%.  During our financial relationship, Providian was bought out by WAMU, but they held to Providian's standards and due to them honoring the terms originally given to me by Providian, I grew very loyal to that credit card and the bank that held it.  They were honest with me, gave me nothing for free, but treated me with respect and rewarded me with higher credit limits and lower interest rates for my good credit behavior.

In walks Chase bank.  Using TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) funds granted to it by the US Government, Chase bought out WAMU.  That's not what the TARP funds were intended for, but that's another conversation.  So, using money granted to it by the US Government, Chase became owner of my credit card.  Now, again, I was loyal to this card and it had a good balance on it.  It was my primary credit card.  By this time, I've owned the card for over 10 years, never missed a payment on it, always paid more than the minimum balance, and had paid the card off several times.  Within 3 months of acquiring WAMU, I noticed that my interest rate on this card had skyrocketed from 16% to a detestable 32.9%!!!  I called Chase and requested that they lower my rate back down, that I was a good customer and didn't deserve this rate.  Their response was that they had sent me a letter informing me of the increase (which they did not!) and that it couldn't be lowered.  They informed me that the rate had been increased to "maintain profitability on my account".  Wow!  Really, you raised the interest rate of 10yr, on time paying, never missed a payment, never going over limit client just so you could make more money??  After several months of fighting with them, getting nothing but rude responses such as "Feel free to close your account" and the like, I decided to pay off the card.  Taking a loan, I paid the balance in full to be rid of the border line illegal interest rate charges but chose not to close the account because I didn't want to hurt my credit score.

Here comes the second jab.  3 months after paying off the balance in full, I DO receive a letter from them stating that "due to account inactivity they have decided to reduce my credit line".  They reduced it by over  2/3rds!!!! To add insult to injury, the letter also informed me that "Had I made a purchase that went above this new limit, I had 45 days to bring the amount beneath the new limit else I would be subject to monthly over credit, increased interest rate for over credit,  and other fees".   So now I have a credit limit that is less than a 1/3rd of what I spent 10 years building simply because I wasn't using the account.  In addition, had I made a good faith based purchase on this account subject to my known, earned previous credit limit, I would be subject to financial discipline for exceeding what I believed to be my appropriate limit.  WOW!

Before this time, my credit score was in the 700's and I'm very proud that I was able to build this score after having declared bankruptcy.  I take pride in my score actually, declaring it proof that a person can turn bad circumstances around.  However, because of Chase's actions, my score is now below 700, actions that were not done thru any fault, or mis-action, on my part.  WTH?  Again, I call them and get a "there's nothing we can do, feel free to close the account".   This time, they will get their wish.  They can't hurt my credit score any worse than they already have, so I've shredded the credit card and sent them a letter with the shredded remains along with a very nice, polite detailing of exactly what they can do with that card and how they might best be able to perform my suggestion.

Now I find out that JP Morgan Chase has repaid all $25M given to it from the TARP program.  While one would expect me to be happy that this evil bank repaid the government all the money given to it, I'm not!  We, the taxpayers, fronted that money to them, which they used improperly, but do you think we will get a check back  for their repayment?  Of course not.  2nd, the reason that they were able to repay this money was off the backs and blood of it's customers thru devious, vile predatory practices.  Do a quick Google search on Chase bank and you will find 100's of 1000's of stories just like mine.  Sites have been set up specifically to complain about this bank.  www.chase-sucks.com, www.chasebanksucks.com, and hundreds of other sites.  This bank prayed upon it's customers.  So essentially, this bank doubled dipped.  It was bailed out by a failed, misappropriated, ill-handled government bail out program paid for by the taxpayers (it's clients), then used predatory, vile, despicable practices to raise it's profit margins to pay those funds back. 

Where are our representatives in all of this mess?  Credit companies use credit to enslave the population.  They know, once you owe the money, you are theirs.  They can do what they want because you can't escape their grasp.  The credit reporting system allows this misuse.  Free market can't work here, because if you take your credit from one company to one offering better terms, your credit rating can still be hurt by the original bank.  If your credit rating gets hurt, then it makes the ability to move to a better bank harder, if not almost impossible.   Worst of all, the Government condoned these actions by bailing out the banks in the first place.  Chase should have been allowed to fail.  It wouldn't have killed our economy.  There are many credit unions out there that understand customer service and would have carried on.  However, the Government, in their infinite knowledge, bailed them out and allowed them continue.  They allowed the banks to use the funds improperly.  They allowed this monster to continue.  Chase made bad decisions, Chase over extended themselves, Chase should have reaped the consequences of those actions, but no.  Big government stepped in and enabled them to not only continue, but to take even greater advantage of their customers. 

Need we forget that we are in a horrible economic repression, bordering on full on depression?  With almost 17% of our population out of work, how do they possibly think that devious practices like this will help?  They won't.  Chase will continue to make things harder on it's clients and when they force them to default, the Government will be there to fund them again.  If this can happen to me, someone that was responsible and paid their bills on time, it can happen to anyone.  Especially those that have fallen on hard times due to the actions of our government.  Wake up DC!!  You are killing this nation in every way and this is just one more example.  I hope you are happy with the monster you created.  And Chase, I know there is a special place in hell reserved for you.  I long for the day that you find it.  Until that day, I will never do business with you, or any affiliate of yours, and I will do everything in my power to ensure no one else does either.  Should our government ever get out the way, capitalism and the free market will give your just dues, of this, I am certain.  Bastards!


Bob Marshall proves me right! Our representatives have lost touch with reality.

Today, Bob Marshall (R-Manassas) submitted legislation (Virginia Health Care Freedom Act) aimed at protecting Virginia's residents from the National Health Care Mandates being proposed by Congress.  Per the Washington Examiner, this is the first in what's expected to be a flurry of bills bent on defying the Fed in the next session.

While I completely agree and commend Del. Marshall on his foresight and goal to protect Virginians from this monstrosity, the real statement I would like to focus on comes at the bottom this article as quoted by Del. Dave Englin (D - Alexandria):

"I'm concerned about it because we have a number of newly elected Republicans who came in on the shoulders of the tea party crowd,",  referring to the conservative anti-tax movement. "I'm concerned that they're going to want to demonstrate their right-wing chops with these folks, and they're going to try some of those kinds of things."

Oh really?  You are concerned that representatives are going to attempt to do exactly the things that they promised they would do?  That they are going to do the things that got them elected in the first place?

Del. Englin, you are a schmuck!  You are EXACTLY what is wrong with our government today.  As evidenced by your statements, you are completely out of touch with the people that you represent and the sentiments of Americans today.  People wanted change, but they did not want the change they got.   In fact, according to a recent Gallup Poll, 44% of Americans would now rather have George W. Bush back in the presidency rather than continuing down the socialist road with President Obama.

So even as Obama's approval ratings continue to plummet, even as more and more Americans chose to voice their disapproval of the current administration via Tea Parties, 912Project, and other means, you refuse to listen.  You turn a deaf ear to the people who elected you and ignore the wishes of those that employ you.  In case you forgot, you are a "Representative" of the people, not a "Decider" for the people.  Your job is to listen and represent, not to forward your own ideals. 

Seems to me Mr. Englin, Mr. Marshall has it right!  Will this legislation pass, in most likelihood, no, but atleast he had the testicular fortitude to stand up for sentiments of the people that he represents!  This country wants its change back!  They are expressing this via the election of representatives who "come in on the shoulders of the tea party crowd" as you say.   Maybe you should try listening to people and actually do your job.  See that Obama mania is over and the people want nothing more to do with it. 

I do agree with you one thing thou, you should be concerned.  Not with the "newly elected Republicans" but with the will of the people and how to best perform your duty in representing them.  Continue your ignorant, blind eye ways, and you may soon find yourself out of a job! 

Queer eye for the........Middle school kid????

Fistgate:  The scandal surrounding Obama's pick for "Safe School Czar", Kevin Jennings, just keep getting worse.  For those of you that don't know, Fistgate is in regards to Kevin Jennings and his GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network) organization recently providing school age kits to assist in the sexual act of "fisting".  Well, if that wasn't bad enough, the scandal now runs deeper.

In a story released by Gateway Pundit, GLSEN is now being charged with providing sexual literature to children ages 14-21 during a GLSEN 2005 conference by the name of "Little Black Book - Queer in the 21st Century". 

Those who know me, know that my libertarian ways lead me to a belief that the government should not legislate/interfere with the actions of consenting adults.  What a person does in their bedroom is their action to deal with and be responsible for, and as long as that activity is between consenting adults and causes no harm, it's no one else's business.  However, this literature goes beyond and is now pushing these ideals on to children.

Excerpt from book (full reading on the link)

No Dookie On Your Noodle! Nobody knows better than queer men that shit happens. It’s just a fact of life…and butt sex. While there are steps to take to avoid a mess, they’re not always practical for the boy on the go. Condoms allow you a certain freedom that can be a great selling point if you’re cruising the park and don’t want stray spunk on your new polyester shirt...

In no way do I see how this could be practical for teaching to children of a middle school age.  Children of this age are impressionable and often susceptible to invocation.  You take a child who is already often lost and trying to find themselves, then add in an adult who is teaching such a sensational, taboo subject matter, you are likely to push children to a choice that they are not mentally prepared to make.  The curiosity of children of this age, along with the information being passed to them, will lead them to experiment, just to see what the fuss is about.  How can that be considered proper?

It seems that Leftists are working to bring the decision (and the fight) to the children of our country.  We consistently see the lowering of the age in which we start talking about controversial subjects.  First it was 18 years of age, then 16, now we are down to 14 years and younger!  We must understand that children are still learning the world and maturing mentally and are simply not prepared to deal with subjects of this magnitude.  Do I think that children of a certain age should be made aware of the impacts of sexual promiscuity, of course, to a point.  However, let's be honest, the promotion of an alternative lifestyle and "cruising the park for partners" is not sexual education, its the promotion of sexual risk.  It's the perverse pushing of social agendas on those ill equipped to deal with the repercussions of their choice.  However, from a leftist stand point, it's a viable tactic.  Indoctrinate the minds while they are young and impressionable to further the cause in the future.  After all, who really hears the subject matter when it's a small child making the speech.

Kevin Jennings is a vile human being who has no right being around children, much less having the charge of protecting their safety.  This man should be removed this position, and any position involved with the care of children, immediately.  It's one thing to educate about sexual topics, it's another thing to push ideals and agendas thru the children of America.  I know many adults that wouldn't be comfortable discussing things of this nature, however, we allow this group (GLSEN) and other to push it on the children.  It's time to take a stand and demand that this guy be removed from office.  These topics are the responsibility of the parent, not a stranger, to discuss with their children.   If these topics are to be introduced and discussed, they must be made with an age appropriate audience.

Again, this is not a commentary on homosexuality.  I would have the same reaction if the topic was made to "straight" children of this age and pushed the idea of "cruising for partners" and promotion of promiscuity.  If this is a lifestyle that you choose, when you are mentally prepared to make such choices, more power to you.  It's not for me to agree or disagree, but as long as it doesn't not infringe upon my rights or freedoms, then I do not care what you choose to do within your bedroom.  The topics that GLSEN brings to America's youth are not educational, not commentaries on tolerance, but simple pushing of practices and lifestyles that have no business being pushed on impressionable minds.  This guy, and his organization, make me sick.


Football? They can legislate football?

Wow!  In a time when almost every move our congress is making is being questioned on the grounds that they don’t have the power, this story from Komo news is released.

That’s right folks, the House Energy and Commerce subcommittee has approved legislation that would force the NCAA to determine a national champion by playoff only, stating that the current BCS system is unfair.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I hate the BCS system.  It’s hard to understand and I do believe it can be unfair, but is this really the thing that we want our congressional representatives working on?  In addition, what the hell even gives them the right to think that they can pass legislation on something that has no bearing on national affairs?

Congress, you want to know why America is starting to think you are imbeciles incapable of leading?  You wonder why your constituents think you are out of touch with reality?  You need to look no further than your actions today.  We have the looming health care fiasco, jobless rates approaching 17%, a failed stimulus bill costing the taxpayers billions, government take over of private industry, and yet you find it necessary to take time out of your day to legislate this?’

I’m embarrassed that it was  Texas Rep Joe Barton quoted in this article, but you know, Texas is a football state who takes the game very seriously.  However, our elected officials have more pressing matters at hand than the determination of how to pick a college football championship team.  Moreover, this is yet another example of the Fed sticking it’s nose some place it has no right and trying to exert authority in areas outside it’s jurisdiction.  Come on Congressmen (women), our country took a left hand turn down Shit Ave last November.  How about you guys trying pumping the brakes and see if you can’t get us turned around and back on the right path?  What’s next?  You going to pass a law dictating how American Idol can pick it’s finalist???  I wouldn’t be surprised if you did.


Why is the Tiger Wood’s story newsworthy??

Recently, Tiger Woods crashed his Cadillac Escalade  resulting in some minor injuries.  Unless you live under a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard all the speculations and rumor surrounding this unfortunate accident by now.  It’s been about the only thing being covered by the main stream media as of late.  Even Fox News is releasing stories about potential causes linked to Tiger’s scandalous doings. 

My question:  Who really cares?  So Tiger crashed his car, it happens to about 6 million Americans each year according to the statistics.  So what if the crash was caused by an angry wife who recently found out that Tiger had been cheating on her.  If he was cheating, he deserved to be chased out of the driveway with a golf club, it’s even almost fitting.   Again, who really cares?  What does this have to do with me and how does it affect my life?  Simple answer, it doesn’t!  Sure, there are 100’s willing to jump on the bandwagon and claim that this more evidence of our moral decline, but this is a story of one man.  Others wish to talk about Tiger’s lost endorsements and impact it will have to his career, but again, I DON’T CARE!  Nothing Tiger does, or doesn’t do, in public, in his private life, or in any other aspect has any impact on me.

What this story does do is detract from the issues that are facing America today.  Personally, I think that the current administration should be helping pay for Tiger’s divorce attorney due to the fact that it’s taken the media attention off of them and their current back room dealings.  Thanks to Tiger’s silly miscalculations in judgment, America’s attention has been diverted for the short term.

Everyone, we still have a government trying to force an albatross of a health care upon it’s people.  We have a president, who on one hand condemns those that attacked us on 9/11, but in the same breath calls the perpetrators members of “one of the world’s greatest religions”.  A religion, that by it’s very nature, preaches hatred and death to American citizens, or infidels.   He claims that there “has been no delay or denial of resources necessary to conduct this war”, yet refuses to acknowledge that it took him months to even talk with General McChrystal, then only allowing him a portion of the resources requested.  We have a government intent on raising the taxes imposed upon it’s citizens while claiming that a failed stimulus packages is providing for an economic rebound, even tho our adjusted jobless rate is now sitting at roughly 17%.  We have the issue of “"Climate-gate”, where it has been found that the so-called “facts” of global warming have been skewed, falsely reported, or in some cases, just plain fabricated, to support a broken theory aimed at trying to control the populace. Last, but not least, our government now wants to taken the broken TARP program and redirect the funds to a poorly attempted job recovery effort.

Folks, we still have a lot of turmoil ahead of us.  There is still a major fight for our freedoms and prosperity brewing.  We must not be taken off course by the story of a famous golfer crashing his luxury SUV.  Don’t fall under the switch and bait tactics of the media and keep your eyes on the real issue, our dwindling way of life at the hands of our current government.  Okay, we’ve all taken note, passed our judgments on Tiger around the water cooler, but now it’s time to start paying attention again.  In the grand scheme of things, this story has no consequence, so stopped fanning the flames.


Tea Parties: Should they organize on a national level?

Ken Vogel recently posted an interesting article on Politico.com regarding the perceived unrest within the Tea Party movement alive in America today.  Within this article, he points to some of fracturing and disagreements within local movements and alludes to the idea that the Tea Party movement should organize at a national level, rather than being the independent movement that it is today.

I completely disagree with this idea.  The beauty, the pure force of the Tea Party movement, is the fact that it is individual based.  These parties are for the common man, one who is fed up with the high tax and spend that congress has taken as the status quo, individuals who have grown weary of big government forcing health care, bail outs, and cap and trade down their throats against their will.  The reason that Tea Parties have such a voice is that they are derived of people, and issues, specific to the locale of specific parties presence.

Should the Tea parties begin to organize nationally, I agree that they will have a louder voice, but will that voice be as effective?  Once you start to organize at a national level, people must now start to make compromises to “achieve a unified front”.  Won’t that detract from the true purpose of the movement itself?  The issues that affect the constituents of Vermont, for example, may differ slightly from those of Texas.  If the party were nationally organized, whose ideals will win out to be the policy of the movement?  The answer is simple, the area with the most active members.  Isn’t that exactly the thing that the tea parties are expressing outrage at?  Shouldn’t the people have the ability, and the right, to protest those things that most directly affect them?

The impact that the Tea Party movement is having is to force our representatives to listen to what we, the people, have to say.  To remind them that they work for us, that they represent US.  Should we organize nationally, then who do we aim our voices to?  Since it’s a national voice, it will be aimed at no specific representative, but to the congressional body as a whole.  I see this as being less effective than the current movement.  Now, the Texas Tea party aims it’s anger and opinions to the Texas state representatives.  As all the calls are coming directly from the people who elect them to power, then they will be more likely to listen.  If it were a national voice, then what would force these senators when the opinions are coming from people outside of their districts.  Yes, some of the opinions will be consistent (smaller government, less taxation, etc), but not specific to the issues that face geographic areas.

Again, the pure beauty of the Tea Party movement is that it is made up of like minded individuals speaking out on the governmental injustices that affect them.  The core of it’s effectiveness is that it is comprised of people who refuse to compromise their ideals any longer.  Tea parties are making a difference, you need only to look at the recent elections held in New Jersey and New York.  I urge you to remain strong and stay the course.  I know it can be frustrating for your phone calls and letters to go unanswered.  I know that you can be disheartened to protest the albatross that is Universal Health Care, only to see your representatives to continue to ram it thru, but believe me, your voice is being heard.  Congressional members are starting to worry about their jobs and for the first time that I can remember in my short life, the Republicans are starting to unite and vote against measures that YOU disagree with.  You need only to look at the near unanimous vote against first health care iterations and the stimulus bill.  Only RINO’s (Republicans in Name Only) went against the vote.  Use these gatherings to become informed of the issues and continue to raise your discontent.  Tea Parties are making a difference at the local and state levels and that is where the true power lies.