List of Senators that accepted "pay for vote" deals from Harry Reid

Politics is gone.  Will of the people is gone.  The only thing that matters: how much does it cost to sell out your conscience, the people that elected you, and your ideals.

According to the latest Rasmussen Polls, this health care bill is not something that people want.  55% of American's have stated that they do not want this Health Care reform (45% strongly opposed), with only people under 30 favoring the reform.  With the group most likely to use the new bills provisions, senior citizens, 60% are opposed to the bill.  53%  of Americans believe that the passage of this legislation will lower health care quality, while 58% say it will drive costs up.  Lastly, 57% of voters say that passing nothing would be preferable to passing nothing at all.

So, with all of these numbers showing an overwhelming opposition to this health care reform, why are we faced with it's possible passage during this Christmas season?  It's possible because we have a number of senators who, in lack of a better terms, have become political whores who offer their votes to the highest bidder.  Below, find some of the names of those Senators so willing to sell out their people.  Learn these names, they must learn that the American voter will no longer accept whores in our congress.

Harry Reid  (D - Nevada) - Ensured his state was exempted from Medicaid increases even before the bill was submitted

Ben Nelson (D - Nebraska) - Cornhusker compromise:  Nebraska is now permanently exempt from the state share of Medicaid expansion that the bill will cause.  A negotiation that both the Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman and the other Senator, Chuck Hagel have denounced.

Mary Landrieu (D- Louisiana) - Louisiana Compromise:  Was bought for a $300M increase in federal Medicaid funding

Bernie Sanders (D - Vermont) - $10B in pork barrel spending for the creation of state wide healthcare centers, as well as, additional Medicaid funding.

Carl Levin (D - Michigan) - Exemption from hefty excise taxes for non-profit insurers within his state.  A tax that like insurers in 48 other states will be required to pay.  A concession also received by Senator Nelson.

Chris Dodd (D - Connecticut) - $100M in pork barrel spending for the construction of a Univ. of Conn. hospital.

Evan Bayh (D - Indiana) - Agreement to  slash medical device taxes for Indiana.

John Kerry (D - Massachusetts) - Along with Vermont, received the most help in Medicaid funding at $1.2B.  While already covered, the deal was cut to substitute state funding for federal

Max Baucus (D - Montana) - Secured expanded Medicare coverage for victims of asbestos exposure at a Libby, Montana mine.

Kent Conrad (D - North Dakota) - Defended a special deal in which the following Western states receive higher federal reimbursement rates for doctors and hospitals servicing Medicare patients.

Democrat Senators of Florida, New York, & Pennsylvania - Medicare Advantage benefits for seniors in these states are protected, while the program will see massive cuts every where else.

Harry Reid showed his character by stating:

“You’ll find a number of states that are treated differently than other states. That’s what legislating is all about. It's compromise,

However, compromise that forces undue financial burden on a majority of  states, while showing favoritism to others, is not compromise at all.  It's not compromise to force a bill down the throats of an opposing American people who have clearly stated that they do not want it's passage, it's called tyranny.  You are a pimp Senator Reid.  The only compromise here is that you used money to "compromise" the will of the American people. 

So much like immoral dealings on the shady streets of a city's underbelly, these Senators have offered up their votes to the highest bidder.  Foregoing the morality of the issue in exchange for money to come their way, the above senators betrayed the trust and well being of those that elected them.  Who would have known that, while prostitution is illegal in American cities, that illegality does not extend to our nation's capital.  Never mind the fact that, while good for their respective states, they have forced all of America to pay for these concessions thru the tax dollars of the working man, including the people within their state's borders.  So yes Senators, you may have a achieved a cost savings for your state, but your constituents will have their tax rates increased to help fund the concessions of others.  Yes, Obama has brought "change" to America, but little saw that this is "change" straight from the pockets of the American taxpayer.


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