Bob Marshall proves me right! Our representatives have lost touch with reality.

Today, Bob Marshall (R-Manassas) submitted legislation (Virginia Health Care Freedom Act) aimed at protecting Virginia's residents from the National Health Care Mandates being proposed by Congress.  Per the Washington Examiner, this is the first in what's expected to be a flurry of bills bent on defying the Fed in the next session.

While I completely agree and commend Del. Marshall on his foresight and goal to protect Virginians from this monstrosity, the real statement I would like to focus on comes at the bottom this article as quoted by Del. Dave Englin (D - Alexandria):

"I'm concerned about it because we have a number of newly elected Republicans who came in on the shoulders of the tea party crowd,",  referring to the conservative anti-tax movement. "I'm concerned that they're going to want to demonstrate their right-wing chops with these folks, and they're going to try some of those kinds of things."

Oh really?  You are concerned that representatives are going to attempt to do exactly the things that they promised they would do?  That they are going to do the things that got them elected in the first place?

Del. Englin, you are a schmuck!  You are EXACTLY what is wrong with our government today.  As evidenced by your statements, you are completely out of touch with the people that you represent and the sentiments of Americans today.  People wanted change, but they did not want the change they got.   In fact, according to a recent Gallup Poll, 44% of Americans would now rather have George W. Bush back in the presidency rather than continuing down the socialist road with President Obama.

So even as Obama's approval ratings continue to plummet, even as more and more Americans chose to voice their disapproval of the current administration via Tea Parties, 912Project, and other means, you refuse to listen.  You turn a deaf ear to the people who elected you and ignore the wishes of those that employ you.  In case you forgot, you are a "Representative" of the people, not a "Decider" for the people.  Your job is to listen and represent, not to forward your own ideals. 

Seems to me Mr. Englin, Mr. Marshall has it right!  Will this legislation pass, in most likelihood, no, but atleast he had the testicular fortitude to stand up for sentiments of the people that he represents!  This country wants its change back!  They are expressing this via the election of representatives who "come in on the shoulders of the tea party crowd" as you say.   Maybe you should try listening to people and actually do your job.  See that Obama mania is over and the people want nothing more to do with it. 

I do agree with you one thing thou, you should be concerned.  Not with the "newly elected Republicans" but with the will of the people and how to best perform your duty in representing them.  Continue your ignorant, blind eye ways, and you may soon find yourself out of a job! 


Anonymous said...

Yup - and just think about all the many more newly elected folks for 2010! We have to stand up and fight against these schmucks!

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