Women gamers - Why are men so threatened?

So I was reading my good buddy Major Nelson's blog today and one article got me laughing and pissed off at the same time. So naturally, I decided to come to my own little blog spot and share my ideas on it with you.

The particular entry I was reading had to do with a Podcast that Nelson recently did with some members of the PMS clan. For those of you who don't know, the PMS Clan (Pandora's Mighty Soldiers) is the first and largest group of all-female gamers who concentrate on First Person Shooter (FPS) type games. As they say, "We can be found on any game or platform with a gun". This group was founded to increase the amount of girl gamers in a mostly male dominated community and just lend some support to the girls already out there.

Okay, with the pre-lims out of the way, I can now focus on the meat of this rant. After the podcast, there were tons comments from the community regarding the PMS girls as a whole. While some people were nice, a majority of the guys commenting has less than complimentary things to say about the girls and PMS in general. A specific guy I want to call out is someone who goes by the name Major Newbie on the site.

Now this guy was a piece of work. He was sayin things about these girls that a pimp wouldn't say about a $2 hooker. Then when Trixie, another Xbox Live Celebrity, took a stand for the girls, this guy and others started berating her. Now for those of you who know me, this is when my "big brother" gene kicked in and I responded back, but truth be known, I didn't say enough. So here we go:

Guys, you need grow some nuts, move out of your parents' houses, and learn what it is to be men. Do you think it makes you big to call these girls names and berate them simply because they are better than you at Halo 2? It makes you and all other men look like jackasses is what it does and frankly, I'm sick of being lumped in with you nitwits. It's easy to pretend you're tough and spout this kind of talk when you have anonymity of the internet backing you up, but lets face it, you are a pimply-faced little boy who gets pantsed daily in school and the only way you feel you can have any power is to take it out on the females who are better than you in what you consider to be your only real skill.

It's a video game. They kicked your ass. Nut up and be a freakin man and accept it for what it is; you got owned. Had it been a man that did this to you, you would have said good game, sent them a friend request, and moved on. Why is it so hard to do that with a girl? Does it matter that she's not packing the same equipment as you? I guess for those of you with problems in that area, it does.

I've played with the girls and even met a few of them and they are probably some of the coolest gamers I've ever met. I just can't for the life of me understand why guys have such a problem with this. They say things like, "They are only popular cause they are cute" and "The media only gives them attention cause they wear a skirt". Of course they are cute, they are females. For the majority of men out there, cute females are a GOOD thing. Does that make them play better? About as much as that new $70 dollar controller will make you a sniping prodigy. Does the media give them attention because they wear a skirt. Yeah they do, but it's not only cause they wear a skirt, they are exceptionally good gamers. They are females who excel in a male dominated activity. Of course that will get them coverage. The same way Anna Sorenstam got coverage when she played on the PGA tour or when blah blah qualified for Formula 1 racing.

There just aren't many girls in an area that is fast becoming one of the biggest past times there is and guess what, PMS wants more. So get used to it. Us men will be dying at the video gaming hands of girls from now on. It's just a fact.

It boils down to this: These girls put up with more shit just for the love of video games than anyone should have to. They work 40 hour jobs, take care of families, deal with the men in their lives, deal with countless assholes like Major Newbie online, and still have time to practice and become outstanding in their game of choice. I've heard the trash talk that these girls put up with online and I tell you, they have more grace than I ever would. If someone talked to me online the same way they talk to the PMS girls, I would be a real life scene from from Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, roaming the country with phone book in hand beating respect into people that did not have it. Not these girls tho, they smile, say nice game, and leave. Now if that doesn't earn respect right there, then I don't know what does.

Besides, you are missing a truely valuable point here. These are extremely hot women who have an extreme love of video games. For christ's sake, sign me up!!! I would love to date one of these girls, because personally, I don't think it gets any better than that. A couple that games together will stay together. Well, okay, I don't know that for a fact, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I find out real soon. ;)

So cut the girls some slack and shut your PMS hating holes. Be nice to them, they might be able to teach you how they whip your ass all the time! ;)