Football? They can legislate football?

Wow!  In a time when almost every move our congress is making is being questioned on the grounds that they don’t have the power, this story from Komo news is released.

That’s right folks, the House Energy and Commerce subcommittee has approved legislation that would force the NCAA to determine a national champion by playoff only, stating that the current BCS system is unfair.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I hate the BCS system.  It’s hard to understand and I do believe it can be unfair, but is this really the thing that we want our congressional representatives working on?  In addition, what the hell even gives them the right to think that they can pass legislation on something that has no bearing on national affairs?

Congress, you want to know why America is starting to think you are imbeciles incapable of leading?  You wonder why your constituents think you are out of touch with reality?  You need to look no further than your actions today.  We have the looming health care fiasco, jobless rates approaching 17%, a failed stimulus bill costing the taxpayers billions, government take over of private industry, and yet you find it necessary to take time out of your day to legislate this?’

I’m embarrassed that it was  Texas Rep Joe Barton quoted in this article, but you know, Texas is a football state who takes the game very seriously.  However, our elected officials have more pressing matters at hand than the determination of how to pick a college football championship team.  Moreover, this is yet another example of the Fed sticking it’s nose some place it has no right and trying to exert authority in areas outside it’s jurisdiction.  Come on Congressmen (women), our country took a left hand turn down Shit Ave last November.  How about you guys trying pumping the brakes and see if you can’t get us turned around and back on the right path?  What’s next?  You going to pass a law dictating how American Idol can pick it’s finalist???  I wouldn’t be surprised if you did.


Anonymous said...

But this is important stuff. Remember Obama talking about this on the campaign trail? He wants to say that he's accomplished something he said he would do...

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