Ben Nelson sells his soul for ObamaCare

I can't say I'm surprised, but Ben Nelson (D - Nebraska) sold his soul to ObamaCare.  An article by Associated Content details the unhappiness that Sen. Nelson's constituents in Nebraska are feeling for their senior senator due to his betrayal.  Within the article, Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee compares Nelson to Judas by stating:

The last time a deal like the one Nelson negotiated with Democratic leaders was when '30 pieces of silver exchanged hands.

Like I said, I'm not surprised by this action.  In essence, Nelson sold out his ideals for a deal in which he negotiated the Federal Government picking up Nebraska's share of Medicaid forever.  This deal amounts to roughly $45M in the first decade adds even more spending on the federal dollar.

With this deal, the Democrats now have their magic 60 votes that could allow them to ram the bill thru legislation with no opportunity for Republicans (or the American people) to stop this monstrosity.  However, as even with a deal that will save his state millions, Sen. Nelson is finding out that his constituents aren't happy about his back room dealings.

Senator Nelson is lucky in that he isn't up for re-election in 2010, but I have a hunch that Nebraska will not forget this travesty soon.  Visit the site dedicated to removing Ben Nelson from office at GiveBentheBoot and get involved.  It must be remembered that Ben not only betrayed Nebraska, but all of America.  He was the crucial 60th vote, and without his support, this bill would have died as it should have.

So thank you Ben.  Like 59 other Senators before you, you have failed to listen to the people, failed to do the right thing, and for 30 pieces of silver, have sold this country out for evil.  How much will your Medicaid subsidies be worth when this bill drives our country to bankruptcy?  What deal have you struck when your people are suffering under the weight of higher taxes imposed by this bill and when the Chinese call in the loans that our government has taken to pay for this evil?  Judas's life was forever changed by the guilt he felt for the "deal" that he cut, and I can't help but wonder, do you even have enough of a conscience left to suffer the same? 


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