Jay Inslee (D-WA) calls out Rob McKenna (AG - WA) in the most offensive of ways

Check out the following email forwarded to me by Lola in Washington state.  In a letter to IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) asking them to rally against Rob McKenna's effort to challenge the Health Care bills constitutionality.

Pay special care to the sections that I placed in bold and my following comment.  These are the tactics that are being utilized by those on the left.  We simply can't allow this.  If your AG is one of the ones challenging this healthcare monstrosity, call them and show your support.  If you AG is not, make your voice known that he/she should be.  Lastly, if you are one of those "right-wing extremists" that feels this bill imposes on your personal freedoms, by all means, call Jay up and let him know what you think of his email!

Jay Inslee

United States House of Representatives

403 Cannon House Office Building

Washington, DC 205156-4701


District Office

Shoreline Center, Suite E-800

18560 1st Ave NE

Shoreline, WA 98155-2150


Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2010 19:30:28 +0000
From: Getactive@ibew46.com
To: <email removed>        
Subject: Are you a party to this lawsuit?

Dear <name removed>,

As a Washingtonian, born and raised on the Puget Sound, having
lived on the east side of the state for almost 20 years, having
been elected on both sides of the state, and Trudi and I having
raised our family in the state these past 35 years, I think I
have a pretty good handle on what it means to be a

Attorney General Rob McKenna joining a cabal of states like
South Carolina, Utah, and Alabama to strip Americans of health
care coverage is, in my opinion, not the Washington Way.
Nonetheless, McKenna is dragging you, me, and all Washington
taxpayers into a high profile tilt at windmills backed by the
fringe elements of the Republican party

Rednex Note:  Fringe elements of the Republican party?  Really?  I guess the 54% of Americans who favor repealing the law are also "fringe" elements?  44% of that 54% STRONGLY FAVOR repeal.

We should not allow Rob to use our tax dollars to go against
Washington interests. I'm glad you signed our petition already
and are with me on this -- but now we need to get others to
join. Please forward this email to five of your friends right
now and ask them to sign, too.

What is the reason for this? To deny insurance coverage to 32
million Americans
and 1.5 million Washingtonians? To cozy up to
the insurance lobby, America's Health Insurance Plans, which
opposed the bill? To ingratiate himself with the Tea Party
activists and right-wing extremists

Rednex note:  First, challenging the law will not deny coverage for 32M Americans, but instead, mitigate the mandate that Americans MUST buy coverage.  This bill does not provide health care, it instead makes you purchase it.  Also, to cozy up and ingratiate himself?  Again Jay, 54% of Americans do not want this bill!  Maybe you should try listening to the people instead of thinking you know what is best for them, even against their wishes.  Lastly, only Tea Party activists and "right wing extremists" oppose this bill?  Amazing to me that he thinks an overwhelming majority of the country are extremists.

These are questions that I cannot answer with certainty. What I
certainly do know, is that we should demand he stop.
Whatever his motivations are, we can't let Rob McKenna deny
health insurance to thousands of Washingtonians

Rednex note:  He's not denying anything.  He's challenging the constitutionality of the ability of an over bearing government to impose a purchase mandate on it's people.  He is upholding the rights of the citizenship to be free peoples. Sounds like a reasonable challenge to me.

Please sign my petition. If you believe, as I do, that
Washington State taxpayers should not be party to this suit,
please forward this to five friends now and invite them to sign
the petition as well!


I find Rob McKenna's actions particularly disturbing. Not
because I worked for over a year to get this health care bill
passed. Not because my colleagues and I spent many nights
negotiating language that finally addressed a decades-long
Medicare reimbursement inequity for our state. And not
necessarily because he decided to do this without consulting
with his clients
, the governor and the Legislature.

Rednex note:  Of course you do Jay.  The leftists find anything to promote freedom, liberty, or free choice disturbing.  As far as not consulting his clients, I beg to differ and to keep badgering on this point, but 54% of Americans oppose this bill. Try listening to YOUR clients!

What I find particularly disturbing is that the state that has
led the country in technology, led the country in environmental
protection, and led the country in tolerance is now in league
with the Attorney General of South Carolina, a state where they
are fighting against teaching evolution in schools and continue
to fly the Confederate flag on public grounds
. This is not the
Washington way.

Rednex note: Wow!  Not really sure what to say to this one.  Is he just saying that South Carolina is a backward state when it comes to comparison with Washington?  Or, by the merits of "led the country in tolerance" then following with South Carolina's allowance of the "flying of the Confederate Flag on public grounds", is he implying that South Carolina is a racist state who's ideals on the constitution should hold no bearing for that reason?  Surely not!  Far be it from the Democratic party to ever take part in race baiting??  You decide.

While growing up, I knew a lot of families in difficult
circumstances. I know that Rob McKenna's actions have real
impacts on real people. This is not an academic debate.
We need a strong statement, and we need it now. Please forward
this message to five friends now and invite them to sign the
petition as well!

Rednex note:  On this, I agree with you Jay.  This is not an academic debate.  When it comes to health care, the left solidly lost the academic debate, instead resorting to buying of votes and corrupt measures to push the bill thru.  When you were unable to defend the position on academic grounds, you resorted to thuggery.  Even on the grounds of constitutionality, you are losing the debate and are now resulting in name calling to try and further your agenda.

Thank you for joining me in this important and pressing fight.
Your support has helped carry us through the long year to
achieve health care reform, and it will sustain us again as we
work to defeat this last-ditch effort to defeat the change we
voted for in 2008.

Rednex Note:  I know, I know, I sound like a broken record, but 54% Jay did not want this bill.  "We" did not vote for this monstrosity, you did.  You and your leftist elites voted for this bill because you cared not what the people want, but because you think you know best.  You voted for a health care bill for the "little people" but also chose to exempt yourself.  Hmmm, if it's so good, why are you and your comrades not participating.  All I can say is, watch your political back in November, as it seems only 37% say you deserve to keep your job.

Very truly yours,
Jay Inslee
Member of Congress


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