Health Care: Why you should support challenging the bill...

Well, folks, it's final.  ObamaCare has been passed, signed, and is now the law of the land.  However, don't you think for a second that this debate is over.  Even as the ink of the Presidential signature was drying, nine states readied their legal machines to post constitutional challenges to the bill, including: Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Michigan, Nebraska, and Washington.  As of this writing, officials in North Dakota are also considering joining the case.

In addition, many states are also taking legislative actions to try and block the bill.  Virginia and Idaho have already passed laws aimed at blocking the bills insurance requirements in their states.  Michigan and Colorado are now in the middle of a petition drives asking voters if they would like to add a measure to exempt their states and Arizona has approved a constitutional amendment for their ballots in November.  Regardless of whether these states succeed, they are keeping the issue in front of the voters until the all important November elections, ensuring that we don't forget about this monstrosity that was rammed down our throats.

So, you may be asking yourself, "why should I be concerned with these challenges?"  The answer is simple, if upheld, this health care bill will give the Federal government unprecedented control over your personal lives and freedom.  Not only in the realm of health care, but on the slippery slope that could extend to all facets of your life.

In an interview with Rep Michael Burgess (R-Tx) written by Nicholas Ballasy of CNSNews, Rep. Burgess contends that if government could require US citizens to purchase health care insurance via an individual mandate, then a precedent is set in which the government could require all Americans to purchase anything, such as a GM car.

Think about that for a second.  Could this really happen?  I don't see why not. With all the false hoopla surrounding global warming and human impact on the environment, is it really such a stretch to imagine a time where the government would force citizens to purchase yet another product for the "good of the union"?  The Fed already owns and controls a majority of the auto industry with it's take over of General Motors.  So hypothetically, let's say that that GM produces an automobile that gets 50 mpg with only a 1/3rd of the emissions of current day cars.  Can you honestly say that you think it's implausible that the government would mandate all Americans would have to purchase that automobile in an effort to "save the environment".  Too far out there you think?

Well, folks, it's not really!  You need only look at the "cap and trade" bill to see that the Fed is already started down this path.  Within the bill, the fed is attempting to legislate everything from your appliances, hot tubs, even the light bulbs that you are able to put in your house.  In fact, per the bill, as early as 2012, all current outdoor lighting will be eliminated (parking lots, stadiums, etc) in favor of more "energy efficient lighting".  It is estimated that this change over could cost one small utility company over $30M in annual revenue.  Where do you think that utility company will make up those costs?  By shifting that burden over to the consumers of course.  You looking to sell a house in 2012, well you may not be able to unless your house passes a government imposed "energy audit" that will penalize you for older windows, dated appliances, and yes, even the wrong type of light bulbs.

So if the sell of your house could be blocked by not having the "right" appliances installed, isn't the government already mandating what products you can buy?  Aren't they already exerting control over your lives and economic livelihood?   Now couple that with the fact that these appliances, lights, etc are REQUIRED by federal law, you'll have no choice, you must buy them.  If that's the case, where is the free market and competition to drive prices down?  There is none, as you are now a captive market.  You can't simply choose to use another light bulb for fear you will be penalized by the government, so therefore, manufacturers can charge what ever they want.  You want to talk about price fixing, this is the bill that will pave the way for price fixing on a massive scale.

So why should you support these challenges?  You should support them to remain a free people.  You should support them to remind the Federal government that it is subservient to the people.  You should support because you value the freedom of choice and liberty that makes America the greatest nation the world has ever known.  You need only to look at "hybrid" cars today to know that this kind of intervention will harm your lives.  Yes, you can buy a car now that gets 45 MPG, but when you look at the price differential between these hybrid and conventional autos, you know that unless you drive 100,000 miles a year, you will never offset the cost that the extra fuel saving will grant you.  Now imagine being told by the Federal government that you have no choice, you must purchase this car and that those that can't afford the car, will be subsidized out of YOUR pocket book.  This is what the health car bill does and this is the precedent it sets.  It's time to fight for your right to be free and support anyone that opposes this bill.  Your very freedom and economic livelihood depends on it.


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