Jurgen Trittin: Were you born an asshole or did you have to work at it?

Looks like the soldier I wrote about in my last post may be psychic. Sure enough, Hurricane Katrina is all Bush's fault according to German Enviromental Minister Jurgen Trittin according to a brief in USA Today.

A top German official said the United States had itself to blame for Hurricane Katrina. [sic] Minister Jurgen Trittin said President Bush had “closed his eyes” to the dangers of pollution and climate change, blamed by some scientists for adding to the intensity of hurricanes and other severe weather.

While I've never been a big fan of the Krauts, this is an all time low. I honestly don't know if I should be offended by Trittin comments or just laugh them off.

One the one hand, I'm kind of flattered by the amount of power that the rest of the world thinks lies in the hands of our president. Think about it, Germany's leadership believes that George Bush has the power to control the weather! If only Bush would have followed Trittin's "Kyoto II" green plan, we could have avoided all the mayhem and destruction that is now occuring in my beloved south. With his one signature, GWB could have altered the weather and Katrina would have went and picked on some other country.

On the other hand, I'm appalled by the apparent lack of intelligence that this world leader exhibits. To blame one man for the destruction of a natural disaster is ludicris. Are you so offended that America put an end to the German plan of world domination that you will spew out even the most asinine of comments to try and belittle it's leader? Or are you trying to befriend the Islamic Extremists who are stating that Katrina is part of their Global Jihad in an effort that your anti-american ass kissing will buy you a temporary reprieve from the people that you are too afraid to face on your own?

Finally, a question to Chancellor Scroedor. Is this really the man that you want voicing the opinions and stances of your goverment? If so, then you lack even more fortitude than your Environmental Minister.

America will make it thru this tragedy as we have others. While it may test our strength, we will endure thru it as we have all other challenges that have we faced and be made stronger for it. We will overcome and rebuild on our own as we have in the past. We will not beg others for charity, nor critize those that don't offer it freely. I hope that Germany never experiences a natural disaster such as this, but if you do, rest easy knowing that the country that you so strongly critized today will be there to help you through your suffering, as we have for every other country in the past.


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