Funny statement from a soldier in Iraq

Every week, I get an update on the situation in Iraq from a Marine Reservist who is deployed there. This week, in addition to discussing the reconstruction projects that he has going, he talked about Hurricane Katrina.

He went on to talk about how several of his fellow reservists will be requesting emergency leave to go back home to check on families and their homes. He also said that one good thing about Katrina is that it gave the media something else to focus on besides the war for a little while. I can definetly understand his point. Despite the destruction that was the result of Katrina, this has been the quietest time in the media concerning the "wasted effort in Iraq".

However, the statement that got me rolling was the following:
"We (the reservists) surf the internet daily looking for more updates about Katrina. Ten bucks says some moron will blame Hurricane Katrina on George Bush and demand that we immediately withdraw all of our meterologists from the National Weather Center"

Is this a man that knows the main stream media or what?!?! You keep your $10 brother, cause there is no way I'm taking that bet!


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