David Clarke JR, Milwaukee County Sheriff, warns of implications of current gun control policies


This is not paranoid fantasy. The current direction of this Administration and liberal gun control advocates is a path that can not be backtracked. This is an essential, necessary, natural right that they are attempting to revoke, even though they have zero authority to do so. The discussions of mandatory buy backs, home inspections, and limitations are not "safety measures" but all out attacks against our freedoms and not just the 2nd amendment, but all rights.

The simple fact that these edicts are even being openly discussed and proposed are proof positive that we have allowed our government far too much power over the citizen and the states. There are those on the left that are actively seeking to use these measures to provoke a violent response so that they can use the spear of federal power to assume complete control. As such, we are starting to see the lines be marked, states enacting laws of felony charges for any federal agents wishing to enforce these unconstitutional laws, sheriffs and police chiefs threatening arrest for the same, a massive up swell in citizen arms purchases, manufacturers refusing to deal/provide equipment to government entities based on biased laws, and on the other side, a federal government attempting stricter, more invasive laws and filing lawsuits against states.

This is not the 1994 Weapons Ban again, this is far more invasive. The 1994 Ban was an overreach, but it was limited. The new bans being proposed can be interpreted to ban essentially all firearms, including handguns and shotguns, not just so called "assault weapons". The new proposals are allowing for law enforcement to come into your homes to ensure "safe storage" without warrants or due process. They not grandfathering any previously owned personal property, making it necessary to surrender your property to the government or destroy what is legitimately yours. They are creating privileged classes of citizens, by allowing certain citizens (law enforcement both local, state, and federal) to own what every other citizen cannot. I'm a big supporter of law enforcement, but at the end of the day, they are a citizen just like us. Lastly, they are using grand gestures like "Universal Background Checks" to entice you to sign on to their power grab, but think about that. How can there be "universal" checks, unless it is known who owns what to ensure that if it changes hands, a background check was done? Even the term "universal" is a misnomer, as criminals will never submit, which are the real danger to society.

All of the above is registration, and history shows, registration always leads to confiscation. It further divides our society into those deemed "worthy" by government and those that are not. It is, by definition, tyranny. Our government is not looking out for the best interests of it's population, but instead are working in direct contradiction to our interests. They are are attempting to limit those naturals rights of ours that they did not bestow, therefore have no right to revoke or modify.
The last time something of this magnitude happened on our soil, it spurned the birth of our nation. The last time a government attempted such power over it people in North America, a revolution was sparked and America was born. Government has no concept of understanding history and its implications. My question to you, do the people?


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