Why I believe President Obama will go down in history as this nations most important president

Yes, you heard that right.  It is my belief that President Obama, after all the dust has settled, will go down in history as this nations most important president.  That may seem like a strange statement from me, considering all the writings I've done here of late, but let me explain.

Why would I dare suggest that ole Barry may be one of this nation's most influential when compared to the likes of Ronald Reagan, JFK, or Abe Lincoln?  Could it be that he reminds me of the honesty of "I can not tell a lie" George Washington?  Of course not.  I don't think that President Obama has ever told the truth.  Lies come from his mouth every opportunity he has to open it.  Be it about promising to bring transparency and openness to the present administration, while allowing back room deals to pass his socialist agenda or denial of the public to witness the health care debates.  Or promising that if we passed a trillion dollar stimulus package that unemployment wouldn't go above 8%.  No, he has shown nothing but a complete lack of honesty  at every turn, promising that we would all be allowed to keep our health care plans if we wished, when the bill show's the exact opposite.  So no, it's not honesty that leads me to my belief.

Maybe it's his ability to lead and direct policy?  Again, the answer is no.  President Obama has absolutely no leadership skills to speak of.  He is a man that has never led anything in his life.  He's never ran a business, never had to make a payroll, and has never made a major decision on his own.  He was ill-prepared and ill-qualified to hold the office of President.   He is a man who was raised by handlers his whole career and whose only accomplishments include being a community organizer and voting "present" on 129 votes, to include such contentious issues as the sealing of rape and sexual crime victims records and partial birth abortions.  Even as President, he had no control of his own party, letting the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid walk all over his political promises without nary a reprimand.  Maybe it's leadership to maintain a level head in controversy, but Barrack lacks in this area as well.  He's quick to opinion on such topics as the Ft. Hood Massacre, claiming it's too early to claim terrorism when it was clearly proven it was.  Maybe when he claimed racial discrimination and that the police acted "stupidly" in the Gates arrest, before knowing all the facts.  Does the fact that he defended the building of the Cordoba Mosque at ground zero, before backtracking the day after show his skills of leadership?  No, it couldn't be his leadership because a leader would take the time to garnish all the facts before making a statement.

Maybe it's because of his unequaled amount of patriotism?  Surely, as President, I'm in awe of his love for his country?  Sadly, no.  Obama's first act as president was to go on a world wide tour in which he apologized for America to every dictator and enemy nation in the world.  His foreign policy has been modeled after the U.N. in which he assumes that all the trials and evils of the world rest squarely on America's shoulders.  He has bowed to the King of Saudi, exclaimed to the world that America has too often tried to force it's ideals on global citizens, and made nice with brutal thugs such as Hugo Chavez.  He has made America seem weak by refusing to deal with Iran's nuclear ambitions, backing out of the European Missile Defense initiative, and by agreeing to the new START treaty.  Lastly, he has abandoned our long term allies, such as Israel and Britain, leaving them to suffer alone and without friends.  So no, it's not his patriotism, as he has a complete lack thereof. 

So it MUST be his character?  Surely he is a man of strong character and conviction.  Again, the answer is no.  Obama is a man of no character or of real conviction.  He takes no responsibility for his own actions, seeking to shift the blame in all cases.  Almost two years into his presidency, he still uses the same tired line of "He inherited this mess from Bush".  He claims that the deficit is all Bush's fault, but fails to see that he's created a greater debt in two years than the Bush Administration did in it's eight years or of any President in history for that matter.  The gulf oil disaster, Bush's fault, but ignores that his own inaction only served to make things worse.  He tells the American people that Republican's have no new ideas, no proposals, when he was offered many proposals on everything from health care to the economy, which he chose to ignore.  He regularly takes credit for things that he had no part of, such as the capping of the oil well or the draw down of troops in Iraq.  He claims legitimacy to the office, yet he has spent millions of dollars to hide his birth certificate.  Surely, with such a simple solution to end the controversy, a man of conviction would just provide his birth certificate, but not Obama.

So with all these critiques, why would I think that Obama will be a historical president?  The answer is simple, it was Obama who started the "no shot revolution" in America (to borrow a phrase from Mark Levin).  Had Obama not been elected, had he not showed all his faults, had he not tried to push his ideology and rapidly expand the intrusion of government into every aspect of American lives, we would have never seen the resurgence of conservative American values in this nation.  Yes, Obama was the straw that broke the camel's back.  It was his election that showed Americans the other side and that forced the voter to start moving back to center right.  We've seen what a move towards socialistic European style government will do this nation and we've decided that we don't want any part of it.  We've dealt with shady politicians, who only seem to have their own future ambitions in view, and not those of the people they represent and we are now starting to hold those politicians accountable for their actions.  People are starting to demand that their representatives "do it our way" or find another line of work.

Yes, we are witnessing a non-violent revolution starting to take place in this country.  Americans are missing the values and ideals that made this country great and they are seeking to make a return to them.  I've seen people who could care less about politics suddenly get heavily involved and become activists.  We've seen the growth of grassroots movements, such as the Tea Party, take hold, flourish, and become political powerhouses.  The American people are seemingly starting to find themselves, their voices, and are demanding that they be heard.  While this is a non-violent revolution, I suspect it will be a politically bloody one.  Democrats and Republicans alike are now fearing for their positions with a clear message from the American voter of lead or be forced out of the way.  Yes, this is American liberty at it's best.  Tired of the trampling of our founding documents and the visions of our forefathers, the voter is once again looking to gain control of an over-reaching, oppressive government. For this, we have Barrack Obama to thank.  It was his radicalism, his goal of deteriorating America, that fired the "second shot heard round the world" and re-ignited the lust for American liberty.  I know that someday I will be telling my nieces and nephews how I took part in this time in history, how I watched the re-birth of America before my very eyes.  I will use the posts that I create on this blog to detail to them the extent and danger that leftist, stateist control poses to the freedom that they enjoy.  I'm expect it will be with tears in my eyes that I will tell them how we came so very close to losing America, but thanks to Obama showing us the error of our ways, that America stood up and reclaimed it's birthright.  That had it not been for his desire to lead us down a wrong and destructive path, we would have never had the courage to put an end to the stripping of our liberty and save this great nation for them to enjoy.  So for that, I thank you President Obama.

Remember in November!!


Anonymous said...

Brother NP Rednex... It was right on...(I knew what you were up to...lol) ..but while I know these things to be true... there is no way in hell I could lay them out so eloquently... Did you take Journalism and literature classes in college? ...or you just that freaking smart :)

anyway... great and on the money


72Jawas said...

Rednex, I'm hopeful, but doubtful.

I expect the Republican party to make a resurgence in the midterms this fall much like in Bill Clinton's first term. But if the economy turns around in President Obama's third year or so, he'll probably win re-election unless some shinging star appears.

Honestly, I think a lot of Americans are looking for something OTHER THAN the Democratic OR Republican parties. Speaking for me, I want someone who stays the hell out of my life. Don't tax me, don't tell me who I can marry, don't tell me what I can say, and above all, stay away from my Constitution. Frankkly, I don't think any party does all of that right now.

Rednex said...
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Rednex said...

@72Jawas - You and I agree. I'm neither Republican or Democrat, but instead very limited government in my beliefs. However, the Republican party is the one that most closely aligns with my beliefs, so that is the party I choose to support. As I posted in an earlier post, I believe that the Republican party can be reformed and changed to bring it into a more conservative, libertarian view. I believe that it will be a long time (if ever) before a third party will have a remote chance at a majority, so I have to pick a side and try to advance my views thru it.

I also believe that the Republicans will sweep in November. My biggest fear is that the Republicans have learned nothing from the last two years. Yes, there are some that have, but as a whole, has the party? Will they realize that if they are voted back in, it's not because the people believe in the Republican brand, but that they are against what the Democrats will do? Will they truely try and change and start following the people, or will they go back to the old way of thinking that they have a dictate from the people to do what they want? I don't know. I hope not, but only time will tell.

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