E-Verify - Is it the solution to our immigration problems?

There is no question that illegal immigration is a growing problem within our country today.  We currently have hundred's of thousands coming across our borders every day and that number just seems to keep growing. 

So what is the answer?  Many are putting their faith in the E-Verify system that uses several governmental databases, most notably the Social Security Administration, to verify the employment status of potential workers.  While it sounds like a good idea, I must be honest and state, I've divided on it's legitimacy as a viable option.

My first, and most concerning point, is that this system puts the responsibility of detecting illegal workers on the shoulders of  businesses within America, turning them into bona-facto immigration officers.   In my opinion, the Federal Government has failed in one of it's main constitutional duties, which is  to "provide for the common defense" as dictated in the preamble.  Additionally, Article 4, Section 4 of the US Constitution clearly lays out the enumerated power of national defense by stating:

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion;

However, it's clear to see that our border states are seeing an "invasion" of illegal immigrants that are cause to a clear and present danger to our economy and national sovereignty, yet the government's reaction and response has been severely lacking.  With the Federal Government failing in their role to prevent this invasion, E-verify appears to be a method in which to offset this responsibility to the American private enterprise.  

Rednex Note:  To be clear, I'm not speaking specifically of those of Mexican decent here, but of all illegal immigration which happens across our southern [and northern] borders. 

It's easy to see why the Democrats seek to end the E-verify program, as the increase in illegal immigrations adds to the pool of "zero-liability voters", who will most likely vote for the party as it pushes for increasing social welfare and entitlement programs.  Likewise, I see the Republican side as a method to help reduce the burden this invasion causes on our nation and it's citizen.  However, I think it seeks to cloud the true failure, which as I stated, is for the Federal government to perform it's enumerated duty of border protection and national defense as assigned by our Founders.  So to that end, I am automatically suspect of it's viability.

Secondly, I'm very concerned about the growth of power and scope of this program as it continues.  A foreseeable next step to this program would be the institution of a national ID program that could include things such as job, medical, and tax information, biometric recognition, and RFID chips to track movements and whereabouts.  I could see the combination of the National ID and the inclusion of the Social Security Administrations (SSA) database, being used as a method to track and control an American public.  In fact, the previous Dept. of Homeland Security director (DHS), Michael Chertoff, even made comment that he believed that the the SSA should be moved under his control.  If this were to happen,  what checks would be put in place to prevent the system from becoming one of governmental overbearance to control and track the populace?

Adding to this, what are the possible implications to an increase in identity theft crimes?  If we start making the information of the SSA the cement for the ability to work, would we not raise the profitability for criminal organizations to begin the counterfeiting of such information?  It's been noted that false documentation is already a mainstay of criminal enterprise, so what checks do we have in place to prevent an increase in fraud with this program?  It's my understanding that the system currently just does a check against name and social security number.  Therefore, in order to pass validation under e-verify, one would simply need to provide an existing name/number combination.  Social security cards aren't the most difficult of documents to falsify.  How many of you out there know where your card is now?  So, how does this system truly intend to prevent the spread of illegal workers and rise of identity crimes?

I think the real answer here is to allow the states, and their governors as they are closest to the issue, to help the federal government to address the underlying "security" issue.  First and foremost, allow state and local municipalities to provide for the deportation of illegal immigrants encountered during their duties.  If arrested for any offense, driving infractions, criminal, etc, and found to not be legal, they should be processed for deportation.   Secondly, provide an mechanism of reporting of illegal/suspect peoples wishing to utilize public services, such as hospitals, motor vehicle driver licenses, etc.  At some point, everyone requires the use of these services and it should be required to validate citizenship for eligibility to these services.  Should an illegal/suspect be found, only the care immediately required to the preservation of life administered (in the case of medical services).  After that, a method of deportation to originating state be provided.  Lastly, a reaffirmation of the point that the duty of border protection and national defense falls to the Federal government.  Our representatives need to stop the cowardly stance that speaking out on immigration reform will cost them votes in the next election.  Many blame the last election loss for the Republicans on the fact that they alienated the Latino vote by speaking out on immigration reform.  Several key party members have stated that, in order for the party to survive, that they must be open and accepting of the illegal's place in America.  Personally, I think this is a cop out and sacrifice of American safety.  The republicans wouldn't be worried about the loss of votes had the immigration problem not grown to the epidemic it is now.  The more that cross the border and depend on government entitlements for survival, the more votes gained by the Left regardless.  It's time to stand and defend the security of our borders.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think the E-verify program should be dismissed [yet].  Currently, it is one of the best ways to combat this growing issue, however, as stated, I have concerns regarding the program.  I think it needs more investigation and control at the state level.  In addition, I think it's presence is detracting from the real issue, which is one of  Washington's failures in this area.  If illegal workers can cross our borders so easily, then what is the net being used to prevent terrorist, and those wishing us harm, from crossing at the same route.  With each day, this issue becomes more critical, either from a pure safety stance or from the harm that illegal aliens impose on our economy.  It's vital that our country secure our borders for both our preservation of liberty and security.  I have no problem with people seeking to come to America, it is the greatest nation in history, but in order to do so, they must abide by the legal process or be sent back.

Being divided on the issue, I'm open to comments and opinions, so feel free to post them below.  I would love to hear anyone's take on this.


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