What can Brown do for you?

It's a message that was spread across Massachusetts, and in stunning victory, a message that the people of Massachusetts decided in which to put their faith.

Man, what an exciting time in politics.  First off, I wish that writing this blog were my only job.  There has been so much I've wanted to say since this historical election, and make no mistake, it was historical; however, my job and life has prevented me from doing so until now.  So bare with me, I've got a lot to say today.

History and Massachusetts just seems to go hand in hand.  From the start of the Revolutionary war in Lexington, Ma, to the Boston Tea Party, to the election of Scott Brown, this state seems to be the launch point for key moments in American freedom and independence.  In the biggest political coup in my lifetime, the bluest of blue states have determined that a Republican is the best person to represent them.  Not since JFK's election in 1952 have they felt in such a way and as thus, represents the ending of a dynasty in the North.  To quote a phrase from talk radio, "Camelot has fallen."

Yes, while the election itself was historical, it's my belief that the impacts of this election will be the studies of political students of the future.  The vast implications that this could have on the political landscape are almost too much to comprehend.  Yes, there will be immediate impacts, such as the ability for filibustering to be put into play for the blockage of the healthcare bill & cap and trade, balancing of power within congress, etc, but it's the longer reaching ripples of this stone that I'm more interested in.

The election of Scott Brown to the Massachusetts senate was not a Republican victory, but yet a victory of the people.  We've already heard the excuses and reasoning for the loss from the left

Rednex note:  My favorite being that Brown's win was attributed to the failed policies of the previous administration. Right, they were so angry at George Bush, they elected a Republican.  That still makes me snicker.

to the victory cries of the right.  Neither have right here in my opinion.  This victory was warning shot across the bow of the political machine by the people of this country, "Listen to us or we will find someone who will!".   The news is already showing that many Democrats have heard the message with calls from key Democrats, such as Finstein (D-Ca), Weiner (D-NY),  Frank (D-MA), calling for a slow down in the health care debate and a call to get more in touch with the people.  However, the most important question, what will the Republican party learn from this win?

Larry Kudlow, National Review Online's Economics editor, put it best in his article "Are Republicans listening to Scott Brown's message?"  Following Larry's lead, I will add my take.

Sen. Brown ran on a simple conservative message:

  • Following of JFK's  across the board tax cuts  to stimulate business and the economy
  • Reduction of big government and a recall to state power
  • Strong military and defense required to strength and protect America
  • Call for health care form, but in a logical, reasonable effort

These fundamentals are what resounded with the people of Massachusetts and won him the election.  In a direct antithesis of the Obama administration's direction, it was message that led people to put their trust in Sen. Brown and that will provide the future direction of this country.  Republicans are missing a prime opportunity to cash in and take the lead.  Brown has proven what the people want, so it is now in the hands of the Republican party to rally and show that they understand the will of the people.

As stated by Kudlow, Republicans MUST take up Scott Brown's message if they wish to succeed. Gone is the excuse that Democrats are in complete control, as with Brown's victory, they now have the power to demand a seat at the political table.   They must take an immediate and finite stance against any measure that will increase the taxes on the American people.  They must rally against the explosive growth of government that is prevailing in the Obama administration and push plans for reduction and control.  They must push for reform in a financially responsible way, utilizing the policies they have previously touted but were ignored by the Democratic party.  Unless they learn the lesson of this victory and hear the cries of the American public, they will suffer the same defeat in 2010 that Coakley was witness to this week.

Republicans - The ball is in your court and your excuses gone.  The people have spoken and the bugle sounded.  Have you heard the call or will you simply rest on your laurels with the misguided assumption that Brown's win points to a Republican return?  To do so would be a grave mistake.  The people are not angry at a party, but a lumbering, stumbling, growing government that refuses to follow the dictates of those it serves.  The vote of 2010 will not be voted along party lines, but according to the voice of the people.  Those who choose to listen and abide will survive, those who don't will fail under the weight of the monster that they helped create.


american girl in italy said...

Hey CN!! :O) Thank you for the linkage! I added yours as well.

Not sure if you know Zo, from Macho Sauce. He does some great rants, and there was something about yours here, that reminded me of his latest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWZcy0baCsU&feature=player_embedded

If you don't know him, check him out. I love listening to his rants.

How is life treating you?

Rednex said...

Thanks AmericanGirl!!! You are right! I do like what he has to say. He made alot of the same points that I did in my "Republican Primer" post, albeit in a much more eloquent fashion.

He's got a great message. Too much I think the conservative side has taken a reactive stance to the leftist message, rather than being proactive and getting their message out first. The younger generation will build belief with the first message they hear and that often comes from the left. Conservatives need to get out on the ground and provide a realistic counter point before the other side. Like Zo said, if you are unrelatable, then you will be left to the stereotype painted of you. Of all times, now is the time for conservatives to get out and proactively go after the people. There are alot of people I know that really are conservatives, they just don't know it. However, they don't know it cause noone is taking the initative to educate them.

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