Of all mistakes, Lack of Leadership is the Biggest

We are a country in trial now.  We are in the midst of a politico cause financial disaster, a unemployment rate of 10.2% to 17.5% (depending on calculation method used), and a nation that now borrows it’s living expenses from foreign countries.  We need a leader!  We need a president that is willing, and able, to guide us thru these times and tribulations, but sadly, we are left with no captain at the helm.

I’m not sure we should be surprised.  America was so caught up by the showmanship and speech of our current president, so excited by his claims of “hope and change”, that they failed to fact check his resume.  They failed to find that, not only was he not qualified for the position, but that he also lacked the leadership characteristics to prepare him for the job at hand.  The American people hired this man because he was “likeable” and “well spoken”.  His victory was one of stardom, not record. 

Pres. Obama’s only claim to legitimacy is his three years spent as a senator and time as a state senator.  During that time, he was absent for 314 of 1300 roll call votes (24%), often putting him in the worst 10% of congress.  As a state senator for Illinois, 129 times, our current President chose to vote “present” .  While, this only represented ~ 3% of his votes, its a flag for his leadership.  These were not insignificant bills, but politically contentious issues which included votes on partial-birth abortions, the ability to seal court records of victims of rape and sexual abuse, and protection of a child if surviving an abortion attempt.  For a man who campaigned on a promise to “tackle and address” the tough issues, I don’t see how this fits his declaration.

One would also assume that at least some foreign policy experience would be needed to fill such an important office, but Pres. Obama has none.  One need only look at some of his recent policy decisions/actions, to see his lack here as well.

Great Britain
As our strongest, most loyal ally, one would expect the President of the United States to treat the UK with respect, but Pres. Obama has snubbed them at every turn.  From the returning of the Churchill Bust, to the undiplomatic reception of PM Brown, to the narcissistic offering of an IPOD of his speeches to the Queen, our president has shown nothing but contempt to our friends across the pond. 

In spurn to a Latin American ally, Latin American Honduras, President Obama quickly condemned and sanctioned the country of Honduras for diplomatically, and legally, removing President Manuel Zelaya from power after his attempts at an unconstitutional power grab.  After a 15-0 Honduran Supreme Court decision (of which 8 members were of Zelaya’s own party) to remove the  President  Zelaya under article 239 of their constitution, the Pres. Obama's reaction was to cutoff aid to this invaluable ally and deny political visas to it’s leaders.  As a lone example of democracy in this region, an ally on our war on drugs, and a $5B annual export country, we should take a stand and defend the actions of this Honduras, but instead, we have abandoned them.

Poland & Czech Republic
In an effort to placate Russia, Pres. Obama pulled out of the missile defense shield to be deployed in Poland and the Czech Republic.  In a hopes to win Russia’s support in negotiating with Iran, Obama stated that “”the initiative was aimed at the wrong enemy, Iran” just shortly before we learned of Iran’s development of weapons grade plutonium and enrichment.  Talk about a timing miscue of ultimate proportion!  While this move does not severely harm our allies, due to their involvement with NATO, it is a definite mistake to abandon allies who went to grave political sacrifice to allow this defense.  Leadership is not throwing your friends and allies under the proverbial bus.  Worst off, we made this concession and gained nothing in return.  No promise of help from Russia, no pressure on Iran, no concession on Russia's part at all.  For the return of nothing, we abandoned friends.

Even French Prime Minister Sarkozy showed public contempt for our president over his handling of the Iran nuclear announcement.  When Pres. Obama called for proposals for dialogue, PM Sarkozy responded with:
"What good has proposals for dialogue brought the international community?" More uranium enrichment and declarations by the leaders of Iran to wipe out a UN member state off the map."
Who thought we would see the day when the French would be lecturing us on taking soft handed approaches to hard subjects?  This may very well be the biggest insult of all.

In addition, Iran flaunts it’s arrogance directly in the face of our leader.  After Obama states “Iran has been put on notice” during a speech in Pittsburg, Iran’s response was to test two ballistic  missiles capable of carrying warheads 1,200 miles.  Pres. Obama:  You threw down the gauntlet and it was picked up and used to slap you in the face.  Where do you leave this country when your words carry no fear, no slight of retribution.  Our country is being threatened, yet you do nothing!

General McChrystal, Obama’s commander in Afghanistan, has requested an additional 40,000 more troops else America risks failure in the theater.  A request that is seconded by McChrystal’s superiors.  However, our president has done nothing with regards to this request.  For a president who campaigned on the idea that victory in Afghanistan was paramount, how can you go for over 70 days without talking to your military commanders.  You can find time to unsuccessfully campaign to bring the Olympics to your beloved Chicago, to hold town halls with citizens of foreign countries, but yet you have no time to make a decision, when indecisiveness puts the sons and daughters of America in harms way?  You, a man of no military background or service, think you know better than a general how best to handle conflict?  A true sign of leadership is knowing when to defer and trust the decisions of those who know.  It’s time you used your backbone and allowed our military what it requires.  Waffling and delaying on decisions that put this countries sovereignty at risk are not the leadership we need.

Presidential cabinet
Another true sign of leadership, is the people that person chooses to surround himself/herself with.  Again, you fail in this regard.  You have chosen tax frauds and cheats as your top advisors.  Kathleen Sebelius, Tom Daschle, Nancy Killefer, Ron Kirk, and worst of all, Timothy Geithner.  Please tell me how you think it’s a good idea to put a man in charge of the Treasury, who himself is unable to properly pay his taxes.  Have you no vetting process for your advisors?  Do you not consider character at all in your appointments?  My fear is that you do not.  It’s not hard for a man of questionable character to associate with others of the same character.  Again, America was blind and should have seen this with your associations of Saul Alinsky, Rev. Wright, and others.

Failure in your own policies
Lastly, the most appalling lack of leadership, is the fact that you are unable to even usher in your own policies.  You promised this countries people transparency and openness, yet your shoved the $787B stimulus package down our throats via your doom and gloom speeches that drove the Dow below 7000.  You stated action had to be immediate, with no time for oversight, yet when the bill was passed, you went on a three day vacation before signing it into law?  Where was the urgency then?  You preached health care, but you haven’t even guided your team for it’s proposal.  Instead, you allow Pelosi, Reid, and Bakkus to outline YOUR agenda.  You state falsities of “no illegals covered” when there are no provisions to protect against it.  You state that the bill will not cost us one dime, but the CBO states that it would add $249B to the deficit, for an overall cost of $1.5T.  When asked by a blogger “Will people be able to keep their insurance and will insurers be able to write new policies under your health care plan?”, You, yourself, stated “You know, I have to say, I’m not familiar with the provision you are talking about”.  If you don’t understand, or know, the provisions of your own healthcare plan, then how are you leading?  To say I disagree with the policies your agenda is forwarding is a gross understatement, but atleast I would have some respect for you if you stood up and directed the policies in your name.  I can respect someone who leads, even if in opposition to my beliefs, but you sir, have shown no such determination.

Lastly, as the American people start overwhelming uniting in opposition to your policies and direction via tea parties, you aren’t even aware that they are demonstrating.  How can a leader be so out of touch with his people?  However, rather than facing the critics and leading, you choose to attack and start a war with Fox news?  In fact, you release the hounds on anyone that opposes, or speaks out, against you.  You label them racists and bigots.  I don’t care that you are black (half-black?), all I care about is your steering this country towards a cliff.  I guess that makes me a racist, but then again, I was never aware that socialism was considered a race.

This country needs a leader and that is not Barack Obama.  We are at time of crisis and we need someone that lift us out and expounds on our virtues, reminding us of why this country is great, not tour the world apologizing for us.  A leader that will not stand by and politely listen while a dictator bashes his country, but one with the fortitude to walk out or refuse the handshake of a dictator.  A leader that believes in the country he leads, it’s place as a shining light in this world, and not someone who bows before rulers of enemy nations.  We need a leader and I pray that we will find one come the next election.  Just like we hired you with a lack of experience, we can fire you for the same reason.


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