Kentucky judge overturns ruling on funeral protests

If you have ever wondered why I believe that the American Legal system is a joke, then here is a good example. Today, Kentucky judge Karen Caldwell has suspended a state law banning funeral protests within 300 feet of proceedings as being to restrictive on free speech.

The ruling came about due to challenge presented by the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas who have been protesting military funerals as "God's punishment for America supporting gay rights." The members of the Westboro church believe that god is allowing the killing of our soldiers due to the fact that America has supported gay rights in this country. These so called christians have been seen sporting signs at military funerals with slogans such as "Thank god for IEDs" (improvised explosive devices such as those used by terrorists) and "They turned America over to fags, so you're coming home in body bags".

Now I don't give a rat's ass what side of the Gay rights debate you are on, why can you not allow people to bury their dead in peace? These are men that died for your right to be a complete jackass and you have the gall to disrespect their burial by blaming their sacrafice on the fact that gay rights are supported?

Judge Caldwell, you are the embodiment of what is wrong with our legal system today. I don't disagree with a person's right to protest, even if I disagree with the message they are delivering, but give that message precedent over a families right to bury their loved ones with respect and rememberance is an outrage. As stated, 300 feet is the same buffer zone that is granted to voting precints during elections, but yet this is deemed too far for a solemn funeral event. Loved ones and mourning be damned! Those fuckers in Kentucky have the right to hold their pickets signs and protest as the funeral caravan drives thru.

So Mrs. Caldwell, should someone close and loved by you pass away, I hope you don't mind that I show up at their funeral with pickets signs protesting the idiotic, moronic, and just plain assinine legal "professionals" that our colleges turn out today. My chant of "Lawyers are a joke, so your loved one had to croak" isn't disrepectful, it's just me using my First amendment right. Now thanks to you, I will be able to stand right beside you as I chant it. ;)



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